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Daily Briefing :- 24/11/16

Here is CurrentHow’s Daily Briefing™ for the 24th of Novemeber, 2016 :-

1. Tokyo gets its first November snow in over 50 years :-

The unseasonal snow in Tokyo caught city dwellers by surprise.

Winter arrived early in Tokyo this year as the Japanese capital woke up to snowfall in November for the first time in over five decades. An unusually cold air mass passing over the city pushed temperature down 10 degrees Celsius overnight — from an average of 11°C (50°F) to 1°C (34 °F). The Japan Meteorological Agency said it was the first time snow had fallen in November in central Tokyo since 1962, according to NHK, the country’s national broadcaster.

The country's weather agency warned about slippery pavements and roads

But the above freezing temperatures in central Tokyo made the icy flakes melt slightly upon falling on the ground, adding more moisture and creating heavy, wet snow. But while the snow’s consistency made it harder to accumulate, it did pile up on some pavements and cars. Another first, as Tokyo never saw snow building up in November since records started to be taken in 1875.

The country’s weather agency issued warnings of possible icy roads and snow on electric wires.
2. Green Party Presedential candidate, Jill Stein and liberals seek voting hack investigation :-
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Green Party nominee Jill Stein launched a bid Wednesday to seek a vote recount in three key Rust Belt states as pressure builds among liberals to challenge election results. The Stein campaign said it needed to raise over $2 million by Friday to pay for recounts. That goal was reached by early Thursday morning, and the campaign has now increased the target to $4.5 million.

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President-elect Donald Trump claimed Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — wins that helped push him comfortably over the threshold of 270 Electoral College votes needed for victory — while Michigan remains too close to call, more than two weeks after Election Day.

While the loss of those states played a large part in Clinton’s downfall, her lead in the popular vote has continued to grow. She now has close to 2 million more votes than Trump — and pressure has been mounting among liberals for an investigation into what happened on Election Day.
She launched her effort after computer scientists reportedly told Clinton campaign officials that the election may have indeed been rigged — in Trump’s favor.
However, her website said the recount attempt was “not intended to help Hillary Clinton,” adding: “These recounts are part of an election integrity movement to attempt to shine a light on just how untrustworthy the U.S. election system is.”
3. Iraq suicide bomb : Shia pilgrims among 80 dead :-
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Nearly 80 people, many of them Shia pilgrims, have been killed in a truck bomb attack at a road stop in Iraq, a security official says. The blast struck at a petrol station and restaurant near Hilla, some 100km (60 miles) south of Baghdad.

The road stop was full of people returning from commemorating Arbaeen in the holy city of Karbala. Many of the dead were reportedly Iranians. The Islamic State jihadist group said it carried out the attack. It claimed that as many as 200 people had been killed and wounded in the blast, in a statement delivered by its news agency Amaq.

Buses carrying Iranian Shia pilgrims appear to have been targeted in the attack, which struck near the village of Shomali. Some reports say the suicide vehicle was parked, and the force of the blast completely destroyed the petrol station and scorched many cars. Provincial security chief Falah al-Radi said that Iranians were among nearly 80 people who had been killed and more than 20 wounded in the attack. The toll was expected to rise, he said.

Millions of Shia pilgrims travelled to Karbala to commemorate Arbaeen, the end of the 40-day mourning period for the third Shia Imam, Hussein. This year it took place on last Sunday.

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