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Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem: A look at how Trump’s decision has set the world ablaze

“This is nothing more or less than a recognition of the reality,” U.S. President Donald Trump said nonchalantly at a press conference at the White House last week. “Jerusalem is a city inhabited by the Jews for centuries, and it is the seat of one of the world’s most successful democracies.” And with this, President […]

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Exploring the Art of Rhetoric 1 Discover how to persuade through Invention. The five canons of rhetoric were first coined by the Roman philosopher Cicero in the first century.[1] Cicero laid out these five major rules of rhetoric, dividing skillful argumentation into more digestible parts. The first step of rhetoric is called Invention. It refers to the […]

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Why has China failed to become the world’s innovation and technology hotspot?

It is the world’s second largest economy, one of the world’s largest defence spender, and the world’s largest manufacturing powerhouse. Yes, I am talking about China, the most populous nation on Earth. Ever since the beginning of the last decade, global media has been abuzz with a so-called  “imminent rise of China”, which they believe, […]

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From the Editor’s Desk : What happens when machines become smarter than humans?

It was the summer of 2013, when I first saw the movie “I Robot” starring Will Smith on Television. Apart from Will Smith’s acting, a lot of other things in the movie won my admiration. The movie featured robots and super intelligent machines in a post technological-singularity world, which fascinated a 13 year old’s naïve […]

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The Future of Energy : A look into the stuff that might fuel your car 30 years into the future.

Since the industrial revolution 200 years ago, mankind has unflinchingly been reliant on fossil fuels to fuel its ambitious drive to acquire the ever-evasive technological Nirvana. Humankind was so lost in this never-ending pursuit, that any dissenting voices trying to bring to fore the environmental ramifications were stifled and suppressed. Governments advocating cleaner energy sources […]